Dezhuang Tomato Noodle Soup Seasoning

For delicate palates, because we also think of you! This light and plain tomato-based seasoning is perfect for your noodles, and a relief for your belly after one week of full-immersion into the spicy world of the Szechuan cuisine. Few minutes to prepare the whole dish, but the sweet & sour notes will invade your mouth for hours (but don’t forget to brush your teeth later!).


Szechuan Green Peppercorn Oil
Szechuan Red Peppercorn Oil
Hot-Pot Sesame Oil
Dezhuang Hot-Pot Dipping Sauce (Original)
Dezhuang Hot-Pot Dipping Sauce (Spicy)
Dezhuang Porcini Mushroom Hot-Pot Base
Dezhuang Shrimp Hot-Pot Base
Dezhuang Tomato Hot-Pot Base
Dezhuang Dandan Noodles Seasoning 45°
Dezhuang Hot And Sour Glass Noodle Seasoning 45°
Dezhuang Chongqing Noodle Seasoning 45°
Dezhuang Shrimp Noodle Soup Seasoning
Dezhuang Tomato Noodle Soup Seasoning
Dezhuang Mala Spicy Grilled Fish Seasoning 52°
Dezhuang Suancai (Pickled Cabbage) Fish Seasoning Traditional Flavour


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