Hot-Pot Sesame Oil

If you liked our dipping sauces, it is now time to show off your cooking skills by preparing your own hot-pot sauce! Our Hot-Pot Sesame Oil is the first key-ingredient to obtain a nice and nutty paste to dip your food into!


Szechuan Green Peppercorn Oil
Szechuan Red Peppercorn Oil
Beef Tallow Hot-Pot Base 45°
Hot-Pot Sesame Oil
Small Square Hot-Pot Base 52°
Big Square Hot-Pot Base 52°
Dezhuang Hot-Pot Dipping Sauce (Original)
Dezhuang Hot-Pot Dipping Sauce (Spicy)
Pure Green Hot-Pot Base 52°/Tomato Hot-Pot Base
Spicy Hot-Pot Base 52°/Porcini Mushroom Soup Hot-Pot Base
Spicy Hot-Pot Base 45°/Shrimp Hot-Pot Base
Dezhuang Porcini Mushroom Hot-Pot Base
Dezhuang Shrimp Hot-Pot Base
Dezhuang Tomato Hot-Pot Base
Pure Green Hot-Pot Base 52°


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